Hi, I’m Jason Boyle

{ Web Developer + Designer }


I have a passion for crafting beautiful and engaging websites

  • Premium Port Wines, Inc.

    Earning an Honorable Mention in the 42nd Annual Creativity Awards, this is night and day from the old Premium Port Wines, Inc. website. The state-of-the-art navigation and intuitive UI throughout the site along with the Trade portal, distributor locator and email registration increased the usability, making it much easier for business to flow without any barriers.

    The client now has the ability to easily update their website without using any code, easing regular updates to content throughout their site.

  • Baxter's Fine Jewelery

    Baxter's needed a website to reflect the same high-standards and dedication to quality that they hold themselves to when creating jewelry.

    Leveraging the WordPress CMS and FoxyCart & FoxyShop, custom wishlist functionality, ajax inventory system and payment gateways were programmed. User registration and accounts were also added into the site all enhanced with custom code.

    This redesign of the site has helped Baxters retain and convert new customers to their online store and informational website.

  • ViewGuide

    ViewGuide is a member driven movie & TV recommendation service.

    Developed using Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery with custom functionality in both the front and back-end, this project is continuing to grow and evolve in what it offers and it's growing community. Users are able to create accounts on the site and contribute to the community through ViewLists, Trust Weighted Scoring, and SAFER Reviews.

  • WestermannBG

    The client needed an inventory system to display all of their products in a coherent, intuitively navigable manner. The "mega drop-down" main navigation helped achieve this goal along with the expandable/collapsable areas on the product detail pages. This site is super easy to update for the client to add and remove products when necessary as well as edit content on all of the pages without needing to write a line of HTML.

    WestermannBG is seeing an increase in visits to their site and increased business because of it.