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Create the Manual – WordPress, WP Parser and Good Habits

Documentation is often the first thing to go when working on code. Either it’s forgotten about entirely or half-assed to the point where it’s literally just taking up lines of space on the screen with no real purpose. Have you ever seen something like this in a codebase you’re working on? From this above DocBlock, I… // Continue Reading

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Git and Deployments on Shared Hosting

Just a quick guide to setting up Git with deployments on a shared hosting account. If your host allows you to use git on the server and you have SSH access, then this should be relatively straight-forward. Local Environment Assuming you have Git installed, simply in the directory you want to start version controlling on… // Continue Reading


Setup and Install SSL, Gratis

UPDATE as of 4/15/16: I had to renew my certificate and noticed a few things had changed for me. Firstly, the generated files seem different, so cert.pem goes in CRT, privkey.pem goes in key. Finally, I was unable to update with only that information so I had to use chain.pem in my CABUNDLE.   Secure… // Continue Reading

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Favicons in your <head>

I’m updating my site a bit and came across http://realfavicongenerator.net/, which enables the generation of every possible icon you would need for your website: favicons, Apple Touch, Android and Windows’ mstile. I like to keep this stuff in a separate function that will be fired in the ; I also like to keep things ordered,… // Continue Reading

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PhpStorm: PHP CodeSniffer & WordPress Coding Standards

I have just finished setting up PhpStorm 10 with integrated code sniffing for WordPress coding standards. While it’s still fresh in my mind, I’d like to share my experience. It’s not super complicated, but there were some slightly confusing bits. I started following along with Kellen Mace’s video and guide but altered some and possibly can… // Continue Reading

South Portland, ME

South Portland
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SVGs and WordPress [part one]

The Scalable Vector Graphic, or SVG, has been around since 1999. Up until recently it felt a bit unaccessible to me, however when redoing this site, I wanted to learn more about the format. It can be leveraged in many ways: embedding directly into the HTML, referencing as an image – some even base64 encode… // Continue Reading

Hello World Hello World

Hello world!

This site is going to evolve with not only content but the general theme functionality and style, so forgive the sparseness! I wanted to get this online so I’m going to just go ahead and upload it as is, hopefully updating it fairly regularly.